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Originally from the USA, we now offer brides in Europe the best of our expertise. We are here to accompany you on the journey of turning your dreams into reality. Whether it is the perfect dress, or the style of make up you always had in mind, or the wedding photoshoot that will mark the highlight of your real love. All of that, and even more, is possible…

And if you are truly daring, why not rent that perfect dress with us? As a company, we strive for sustainability and eco-consciousness. We are committed to you and the planet without compromising inclusivity and product quality.

Sustainable Wedding Gowns and Accessories for rent and sales. Make-up/Hairstyling Services. Wedding Photography.

When I looked at the dress online, it was pretty, but I wasn't sure how it would look on me. I was nervous as the dress would need to be shipped to Paris. I reached out, and the team took care of me on the dress, it was surprisingly light and comfortable and SO PRETTY ! I was really pleased with the dress and the overall look ( I rent their accessories as well).

Ngoc Thu

I am a super happy bride ! The dress is beautiful and just perfect for our wedding setting. I'm beyond satisfied with the dress and the service from Dare and Dazzle. Thanks so much for your help with all of my questions and for shipping the dress to Paris. I highly recommend this dress

[Sophia] and Dare & Dazzle Coordinated Services Planning.

Thuy Tien

So... she LOVES the dress. It is more perfect than we could have imagined. Thank you so much!

Madi W.

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